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今天是 欢迎访问中国教育网新版
来源:大耳朵英语     2007-6-22 15:22:00
 Give the floor to 请…发言
It is a great pleasure for me to我很荣幸…
Relevant issues 相关问题
Updated research research result 最新的调查结果
Attach the importance to 对…给予重视
Lead-edge technologies领先技术
Minister Counselor公使
Natural heritage自然遗产
Shared concern 共同关心的问题
Well-deserved reputation良好的信誉
对…表示衷心的感谢express sincere gratitude to
请…讲话 Let’ s welcome to give a speech
双边会议bilateral conference
以掌声对…表示的最热烈的欢迎propose the warmest applause to
颁奖仪式the Award Ceremony
贺词greeting speech
隆重举行observe the grand opening of
请…颁奖 Let’s invite to present the award
取得圆满成功achieve complete ceremony
全球庆典global celebration ceremony
宣布…结束 declare the closing of
请全体起立,奏国歌 Please rise for the national anthem.
Collective stewardship集体管理
Competitive job market充满竞争的就业市场
Financial institutions金融机构
Gross National Product国民生产总值
Meet the challenges 迎接挑战
Public authorities公共机构
Regulatory mechanism 法规机制
The threshold of our transition into the new millenmum跨越新千年的门槛
UNCHS (United Nations Centre for Human Settlements)联合国人居中心
Urban residents 城市居民
Well-serviced formal city服务齐全的高尚城市
把…列为重要内容place as the priority
不放松工作never neglect the work
节约用水 water conservation
对…表示衷心祝贺extend our sincere congratulations on
节约用水先进城市model city of water conservation
使…取得预期效果attain the results expected
授予…光荣称号 confer honorable awards on
为…而奋斗strive for
严重缺水城市a city of severe water shortage
有关单位units concerned
与…比有差距compared with ,there is still some way to go
预祝…圆满成功wish a complete success
开源与节流并重broaden sources of income &reduce expenditure
对外贸易港口seaport for foreign trade
国内生产总值National Gross Products
欢聚一堂merrily gather
活跃的经济带vigorous economic region
基础雄厚solid foundation
留下最美好的印象may you have a most pleasant impression
盛世the grand occasion
祝愿在停留愉快wish a pleasant stay
综合性商港comprehensive commercial seaport
春意盎然spring is very much in the air
forest coverage森林覆盖率
global warming全球变暖
principal element主要因素
toxic emission废气排放
迸发出心灵的火花ignite the sparks of understanding
建立合作桥梁build the bridge for cooperation
内容翔实substantial in content
能源大省major province of energy
日程紧凑tight in schedule
call upon 号召
conservation benefits节水的好处
industrial reuse and recycling工业中水利用
pollution fines 污染罚款
urban water conservation城市节水
water saving fixtures节水装置
地区经济regional economic
港口经营多元化diversification in port operation
责任和义务perform our duties and fulfill our obligations
地区行业盛会a well-known regional event of the industry
发起港initiating ports
break free 冲破藩篱
civil society民间团体
ethnic lines种族
genuine partnership真正的合作伙伴
squatter settlements 违章建筑区
without access to 享受不到
畅所欲言open dialogues
计划经济的束缚the bounding of planning economy
紧迫问题pressing issues
科教兴省和走可持续发展的道路vitalize the province by science and technology and sustainable development
空前膨胀unprecedentedly inflated
控制增长势头curb the trend of steep rise
面临严峻挑战face severe challenges
清醒地看到acutely aware
生态恶化ecological deterioration
提高意识strengthen the awareness
相互尊重,求同存异,平等互利,优势互补,借鉴经验,拓展合作,立足当前,着眼未来respect each other, seek the common ground while putting aside difference, enjoy equality and mutual benefits, complement each other’s advantages, learn each other’s experience, expand the cooperation, stand from the present and look forward to the future
以此会议为契机take the opportunity of this seminar
滞后lag behind
转轨建制过程缓慢the tr4ansition of mechanism is slow
总结经验教训draw lessons from the past
community development oriented 以发展社区为宗旨的
deserved winners当之无愧的获奖者
ethnic minorities少数民族
gainful employment有报酬的
gender issues性别问题
handicraft works 手工艺品
income generation 工薪阶层
in-depth knowledge深入了解
the handicapped残疾人
不求最大,但求最好seek the best instead of the largest
产业结构industrial structure
城乡一体化the unified design between the city and the countryside
短期行为short-term conduct
房地产开发real estate development
扶贫帮困help and support the poor
公共绿地public lawn
公用事业public utilities
会展中心convention center
基建规模infrastructure scale
精品意识consciousness for the best
精品住宅区model human settlements
企业效益enterprise revenue
文明乘车civil bus ride
希望工程Hope Project
以人为本human centered
主办城市the host city
综合治理comprehensively administer
economic recession 经济萧条
press conference 记者招待会
rough diamond 钻坯
sophisticated machine 先进机器
staggering growth 强劲的增长
trade union 业界
umbrella name统称
濒临停产边缘be close to production collapse
反省reflect on
回报期period of investment return
痛定思痛recall a painful experience
卧薪尝胆endure present hardships to revive
兴旺期blossom period
develop and flourish 茁壮成长
expanding export earner不断扩展的出口创汇者
impose stringent rules定下严格规则
市场波动market fluctuation
协会章程association charter
总经营额total business revenue
from square one从头开始
instill or reinforce灌输或强化
job specification工作性质
localization programs本土化项目
performance appraisal表现评估
不断调整和日趋完善的阶段the stage of constant adjustment and improvement
产学研一体化的办学机制the educational mechanism of combining learning with research and production
成人学历教育,高等教育自学考试 continuing education and self-study examination of higher education
初露端倪reveal its importance for the first time
翻译导游tourist interpreter
复合型,应用型管理人才versatile and practical management talents
结构性调整structural adjustment
民俗风情customs and habits
相伴而生be accompanied by
学术领域academic sector
应势而生come into existence as the situation requires
在职培训part-time training
专业方向professional emphasis
资格考试qualification test

The Economic Commission for Europe欧洲经济委员会
A world-wide reputation誉满全球
Conference center会议中心
The world Health Organization 世界卫生组织
International civil servants 国际事务公务员
International press center国际新闻中心
Works of art 艺术品
International trading center国际贸易中心
Rich cultural blend 丰富多彩的文化交融
Holiday resort 旅游胜地
Natural reserves 自然保护区
Feudal dynasty封建王朝
中国革命历史博物馆the Museum of the Chinese Revolution
一座历史丰碑a historical monument
快节奏的社会 fast-tempo society
专题展览exhibitions on special subject
实地考察on-the-spot investigaion
经历了数千年的风吹雨打being beaten by elements for thousands of years
古典艺术精品classical art treasures
世界文化遗产World Cultural Heritage
紫禁城the Forbidden City
文物宝库a treasure house of cultural relics
私人收藏家personal collector
securities exchanges 证券交易所
stock exchanges股票交易所
systematic market process有组织的买卖过程
major corporation大公司
New York Stock Exchange 纽约证券交易所
Tax harmonization协调税收
Hot topic热门话题
European Union欧盟
Driving force推动力
Contemplate on the harmonization统一的期望
国际货币组织International Monetary Fund
国内需求domestic demand
经济全球化economic globalization
双边渠道bilateral channels
亚太经合组织Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
金融危机financial crisis
广泛关注arouse wide concern
国际社会international community
公正合理的国际经济新秩序a new and reasonable international economic order
从大局出发proceed from the whole situation
财政政策financial policy
共同繁荣common prosperity
贸易投资自由化trade and investment liberalization
日新月异progress with each passing day
知识经济knowledge economy
faulty members 教职工
subscribes to 订阅
journals and periodicals 杂志期刊
recreations and athletic facilities娱乐体育设施
arts department文科系
applied science应用科学
recipients of Nobel Prize诺贝尔奖金获得者
intellectual and personal qualities文化和个人素质
living expenses生活费
sense of community团队意识
成人教育学院continuing education school
仿真实验室simulation laboratory
教育部Ministry of Education
土木工程civil engineering
全国重点大学national key university
信息技术information technology
函授生correspondence student
外国留学生international student
教育展览会Education Exhibition
组委会organizing committee
主要内容main component
热点话题much-talked-about topic
共同关心的信息mutually concerned information
fresh water resource洁水资源
over the last couple of decades 在过去的二十年里
land available for farming适耕地
fresh water available可用清洁水
emerging economies 新兴经济
global warming 全球变暖
ecological crisis生态危机
path to prosperity通向繁荣之路
seize the opportunity抓住机遇
remarkable environmental progress引人注目的环境
垃圾处理garbage disposal
生活必需品the bare necessities of life
消费品consumer goods
消费习惯consuming habit
捕鱼量the volume of fishing
造纸业paper-making industry
木材储量timber reserves
森林覆盖面积forest-covering area
inward investment 对内投资
pay tribute to 表示敬意
subsidies and grants津贴和拨款
problem of terrorism恐怖主义问题
gave their lives to the highest calling将生命献给了最崇高的事业
target of terrorism恐怖主义的目标
intensified our effort 加强力量
bring to justice使归案受审
国际条约international treaties
世界知识产权组织World Intellectual Property Organization
私营部门the private sector
知识产权intellectual property
总干事Director Geneor
在进入新的千年之际at the threshold of the new millennium
成员国member countries
纲领性文件programmatic document
基本人权fundamental human rights
殖民枷锁colonialist shackles
任重道远the burden is heavy and the road is long
internet phone industry网络电话业
vast potential for future development广阔的发展前景
telephone sound quality电话音质
instantaneous transmission即时传输
GPS(Global Positioning System)全球卫星定位系统
Relay station中继站
Intelligent traffic management systems智能交通管理系统
分子生物学Molecular biology
能源综合利用comprehensive utilization of energy
认识科学cognitive science
生产力productive force
推动力量driving force
相对论the theory of relativity
行为科学behavior science
知识科学knowledge economy
新兴产业rising economy
层出不穷emerge one after another
科教兴国战略the strategy of economic development through science-technology and education
可持续发展sustainable development
试点工程pilot program
严峻挑战serious challenges
运行机制operational mechanism
中国科学院Chinese Academy of Sciences
综合国力the overall national strength
磁悬浮铁路magnetic suspended railway
root causes根本原因
juvenile crime bill青少年犯罪
idle talk闲聊
easy access to 轻易接近
zero tolerance绝不容忍
balanced budget 预算平衡
step up to its responsibilities 担负起责任
law enforcement professionals执法者
debit card提款卡
magnetic stripe磁条
parking meter停车计费表
personal identification number 密码
pull double duty具备双重功能
electronic versions电子交易
chip-enhanced versions加强性芯片
be hot for the idea热衷于这个主意
遥控器remote controller
无孔不入all pervasive
增强性能strengthen the property
减少故障to reduce the breakdown
原动力motive power
高架铁路aerial train
汽车废气的排放discharge of automobile exhaust fumes
毗邻而居be adjacent to
state-of-the art 最新型的,最优良的
ground-breaking 开拓性的,独创的
organizing committee组委会
innovative approach创新方法
marketing partner市场合作伙伴
a giant leap into the future走向未来的一次飞跃
cash for votes用钱拉选票
bribery scandal贿赂丑闻
发球区service court
处于执牛耳的地位occupy a leading position
以全体运动员的名义in the name of all the athletes
借助不正当的手段resort to unjust means
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