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今天是 欢迎访问中国教育网新版
来源: 世界新闻网     2007-6-18 15:55:00
雖然大家都想保持生活上的樂觀態度,但有時難免也有埋怨與消沉(complaint and depression)的時候。美國人通常是怎樣表達抱怨、消沉與慰勉(comfort or encouragement)呢?希望下面的例句能說明一二。(句中所用的人稱代名詞,動詞時態和單複數,可按需要,自加改變。)


Why do some people treat me like I am nothing?

I am picked on all the time. =People pick on me all the time.

How can he chastise me for something he knows nothing about?

He seems annoyed and resentful.

I try to be thoughtful, but he calls it manipulative.

He is full of bologna.
(bologna 本指用多種 junk meat混在一起製成的午餐。這裡意思是 nonsense。)

He is wrong, dead wrong!

He almost chewed me out; I cannot seem to please him.

He is full of hot air.

His response to me was rude and insensitive.

He was so wishy-washy that drove me nuts.

He is more cynical and less compassionate than he was before.

I cannot bear to be with him.

His response is fine, but his tone was belittling.

Sometimes he is completely overbearing.

He missed the bull\'s eye.
( bull\'s eye 意思是 main point ) 也就是:He missed the boat big time.

He is out in left field on this matter.
( out in left field 意思是 irrational or radical )

I have hinted that I don\'t like it, but to no avail.

He blew it big time in his remark.

He has one major flaw that drives me crazy.
( flaw 意思是weak point or shortcoming )

He lays a guilt trip on me.
(他使我有罪惡感。) (=He makes me feel guilty. )

He is immature, whiney and egotistical. ( whiney=whiny; egotistical = egocentric )

His comment seems like a slap in the face.
( a slap in the face 本來意思是打耳光 )

His life is one big lie after another.

He is unsupportive, overly critical, controlling and negative.

He is a square peg who does not quite fit into a round hole.

He is the most self-centered, uncaring guy I have ever known.

She was robbed of her privacy by her mother-in-law.

Everything she does seem to tick me off.
(tick me off=make me mad)

It is always my fault if something goes wrong.

I am sick and tired of playing second fiddle all the time.

He likes to make a federal case out of trivial matters.

He always makes offhanded remarks.
(offhanded = casual ; without thinking)

I was often picked last for everything.
(我常常都是最後被選拔。)(與 I am a left-over意思相似。)

Why does he keep harping on the same topic? It is over and done with.

He made all the obnoxious, repulsive remarks you can think of.

He has found fault with me since day one.

What he did was selfish and underhanded.
(underhanded 意思是 sneaky or cunning)

I am flat-out tried of hearing the same problem.
(我真討厭聽到同樣的問題。) (flat-out意思是絕對的)

He is a freeloader and inconsiderate slob.
(他是占人便宜不為他人著想的粗俗者。) (slob也指神氣巴拉的人)

He tells white lies because he cannot carry out his promises.

I have to deal with many stressed-out people

He wrecks everything; there is not a thing. I can do about it.


She feels so left out.

She is at the end of her rope.
(她困難重重。)(=in trouble)

He is all bent out of shape.
(他很不高興。)(=very upset)

He was in limbo.
(他不知如何是好。)(=confused ; does not know what to do)

I cannot get my points across to him.

He turned a deaf ear to my concerns.
(他對我的關懷,聽不進去。)(=He is deaf to my concerns.)

She is at her wit\'s end taking care of five children.

She is afraid she\'ll be jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire if she gets divorce.

He is stuck in a rut. (at work or at home)
(他感到例行公事,枯燥無味。)(stuck的動詞原式是stick )
(=do the same routine)(後面可指任何方面)

She is at the lowest point in her life.
=She has reached the depths of despair.

He is bright academically, but he is a loner.

She has endured potshots from her mother-in-law from hell.

He is in quite a dilemma.

It was the last straw for her; she packed up and moved north and regained her life.

Stress got her down.

As he gets older, his mind plays trick on him.

He feels shortchanged all the time.

He gets short end of the stick every time.

The tension between them is so thick that you can cut it with a knife.

The hostility between them just never seems to evaporate.

He is tired of beating his head against the (brick) wall.

She gained lots of weight and cannot get it off.

Friends or relatives in his house are like fish: after three days they stink.
(老外認為:親戚或朋友,不能久住,三天後就會不愉快。they 指親友和魚。)

It is an important issue to me and I just can\'t let it drop.

He feels out of place at the meeting.
(他在開會時,覺得不自在。)(=not comfort-able)

He does not feel he can fit in.
(fit in後面,可指任何group or society,但一般都省去)

She is so torn because she can\'t please everyone with her decision.

She feels like she is being taken advantage of.

Her heart is still heavy when she thinks of him.

She is under too much stress; she has a sick feeling in her stomach.

His pet peeve is people not being able to keep promises.

He is dead set against her ideas.
(他對她的主張堅持反對。)(dead set 意思是 stubborn)

She brushed away tears as her voice broke under the emotional strain.

Sometimes he can be very mean-spirited.
(有時候他很壞心眼。)(mean-spirited 意思是存心不良=bad intention)

She wishes she could smooth things over.

She has been distraught since recently breaking up with her boyfriend.

After years of belittlement and repressed emotions, she finds herself no courage.

She almost lost her nerve to try something new.

He is on the verge of tears every time he thinks about losing his girlfriend.

She can\'t seem to find the willpower to tell her boyfriend to leave her alone.

She has gone through hell putting up with her husband\'s alcoholism.

After the divorce her situation has become a hectic fiasco.


Cool your anger and judgmental attitude.

You need to get your life back together again.

Self-love and spiritual faith may help you to take enormous steps.

Don\'t let his rudeness rub you the wrong way.

Just take easy; let the water roll off your back.

Tell him to stop stirring the pot.
(告訴他別找麻煩。)( to stir the pot=to make trouble)

Tell her to stop meddling.
(告訴她不要多管閒事。)(meddle 是動詞)

Bear with it until he calms down.

Your depression does more harm than good.

You have to get it out of your system(或chest).

You need to face the harsh reality of your life (fate).

If you have walked in his shoes, you will understand.

Try to put yourself in the other person\'s shoes.

He has to stop being petty.

When he is on your back about something, tell him to lie off and quit picking on you.
(這裡 to lay off = to leave you alone)

He will be sorry to go back on his word.
(他收回成命,也會感到抱歉。)(= to take back what he has said)

He is out of line in advising you on this issue.
(這件事,他對你的勸告是不妥當的。)(out of line = inappropriate)

You will understand that he has been caught in the middle.

I have tried to prevent him from becoming the laughing-stock of the year.
(laughingstock = big joke,意思是笑柄)

Be a good sport and handle this situation with grace and generosity of spirit.
(be a good sport = be cheerful ; don\'t be upset)

Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.

Think positive and turn lemons into lemonade.
( lemon 指蹩腳或差勁的人或物;lemonade 是檸檬汽水,指有用的人或事 )

We have only one life to live.

There are always pros and cons.

There is always another side of the coin.
(凡事都有另外的一面。)(another side of the coin = another story)

Don\'t let fear overcome you.

Listen to your heart, not your head.
(如指愛情時,常常又說成:Listen to your head, not your heart,就是說,少用感情,多用理智。)

Find out how you can nip it in the bud.
(想辦法早些解決,以免事態惡化。)(= solve the problem before it gets worse)

Let\'s cruise around and blow some steam off.
(讓我們開車溜溜,消消氣,忘掉不愉快的事。)(= forget about the bad things)

Stop complaining! It won\'t make things any better.

It\'s a crying shame that you and your in-laws don\'t get along.
(你與姻親相處不好,實在遺憾。)(crying shame = too bad)

Things will get better; you have much to live for.

I will stand by you through thick and thin.

We are holding our breath for the good news.
(我們期待著好消息。)(to expect something good to happen)

I admire your spunk and independence.
(我欣賞你的勇氣和自立。)(spunk = courage)

Don\'t open a whole new can of worms with him.
(不要給他增加新的麻煩。)(to create more new problems)

If you cave in to his demands, you will never forgive yourself.

His advice gave you a great morale booster and upper.
(他的勸告,帶給你高昂的士氣和鼓舞。)(upper = make you feel great)

Check him carefully before tying the knot with him.

Hold your head up high and go your separate way.

You should move ahead; the past is behind you.

You are in luck; I have free time for you.
(你運\氣不錯,我正好有空。)(in luck=lucky)

I will help you sort out this mess and steer you in the right direction.
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